LA MUSA was born at the beginning of 2021, when we, two jewellery enthusiasts,
decided decided to change the direction of our professional careers and work
together with with the purpose of making a dream come true: building a unique
space where all women can find a special piece of jewellery, a
piece with which they identify and connect, a treasure that, with pride
trascends generations.


We know that if there is something truly exciting about a piece of jewellery it is it great emotional charge. They are protagonists of unique moments and keep secrets and incredible stories that mark the lives of those who own them.

But, in addition to this, we are convinced that a piece of jewellery is born with a previous history, that of the origin of all the elements that make it up. Our project puts effort into that story, which develops until our creation reaches your hands.

We want all our pieces to be ethically and sustainably sourced. We believe that the value that this brings to them is incalculable. We are sure that, later, the story you build with them will be wonderful.

We have more than 20 years of experience in different areas of the jewellery sector. Of all of them, the one we are most passionate about is artisanal jewellery and it is precisely this that has led us to the creation of our brand.

We are committed to what is handcrafted with love and respect.

We design all our pieces and make them in our own workshop, located in Burriana (Castellón). We have the qualification of Artisanal Industry, granted by the Region of Valencia (no 6438) and we sell all our jewellery through our e-commerce.

In our creations we use recycled precious metals (18k and 9k solid gold and sterling silver, we don't work with gold plating). For certain pieces we use 18k Fairmined gold (gold from fair mining, whose seal accredits its responsible origin).

Likewise, to manufacture our jewellery we use natural gemstones and lab-grown diamonds.


LA MUSA gravitates around women. Born with the dream of
accompany them hand in hand in their daily lives, in their projects and adventures.
We want to do it with unique pieces that remind you of its essence and
how amazing they are.

We find our source of inspiration in them, in their differences and,
bove all, in what unites them because that meeting point, that
connection, makes everything possible.

Furthermore, all our pieces find inspiration in nature, in
family, friends and in any detail that can make of an instant
something really special.