Our jewellery is manufactured in our workshop, located in Spain, r, which allows us to control, step by step, the quality of each piece throughout the creation process. 

We use recycled noble metals: sterling silver and solid gold. At LA MUSA we do not work with gold plating, as our mission is to create jewellery that will last forever. We make pieces in 18k gold and pieces in 9k gold, so we can offer more adjusted prices on some models without compromising their quality and durability in any way. [Insertar opción “Learn more about 18k gold and 9k gold”]

In addition, our designsinclude precious and semi-precious gemstones from sources that respect the environment and society. We work with natural gemstones and lab-grown diamonds of excellent quality. [Insertar opción “Learn more about our natural gemstones and lab-grown diamonds”]



At LA MUSA we work solely and exclusively with excellent quality materials: noble metals and precious and semi-precious gemstones. We aim to be a sustainable brand, so we carefully choose our raw material, not only for technical and aesthetic purposes, but also assuming a responsible commitment to our enviornment and the society.

We have drawn up an ethical code where we establish the best practices to follow in all the activities we carry out: procurement, manufacturing and sales processes

Among other things, at LA MUSA:

  • We carefully select our suppliers and partners. We make sure that they are companies that share our values and, in particular, that they carry out their activities in a way that respects the environment and human rights.
  • We only use recycled precious metals: The gold and silver that we use in our jewellery is recycled (except for some pieces made of Fairmaind gold). In this way, we avoid unnecessarily generating new raw material.
  • We do not work with gold plating, only with solid gold. We create quality pieces to last for generations. 
  • We use lab-grown diamons. All the gemstones we use in our designs, as rubis emeralds, sapphires, topazes, are natural ones, except our diamonds. At LA MUSA we use lab-grown diamonds, since they are chemically, phisically and optically identical to mined ones. The only difference between them is their origin. Technological advances have managed to ensure that the result accurately replicates its qualities. It creates a more sustainable option and avoids the problems associated with the extraction of this gem.
  • We manufacture our products by hand with procedures that always ensure the smallest possible impact on our environment.
  • In order to avoid overproduction we create a very small number of pieces for each modeland in some cases we work on a pre-order basis..


    LA MUSA jewellery is entirely designed by us. In each creation we invest enormous doses of enthusiasm to achive the perfect piece. We translate our ideas into sketches and develop prototypes by hand, on which we make the necessary modifications until we reach the final version. We look for exclusive pieces that allow us to enhance the natural elegance of every woman.



    Our designs are timeless, away from trends and everything related to consumerism.   We are committed to a change in current production and consumption cycles based on immediacy. We create jewellery that you will want to wear and keep forever. Treasures that generations can enjoy.