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Bee ring

Bee ring

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The Bee ring represents the nobility of the soul and loyalty, some of the values that are traditionally associated with bees. 

As it is a handmade creation, there may be small differences between the piece you receive and the images that appear on our website.

Approximate dimensions of the bee:

L: 13 mm; W: 16,5 mm.

Handcrafted in our workshop with the following materials:

  • Recycled sterling silver.
  • Recycled 9k gold.
  • One round brilliant-cut lab-grown diamond (1,3 mm) set inside the ring band. 

To learn more about these precious metals and lab-grown diamonds, check the 'Materials' section.


You can check the Size Guide here.

Please note that sizes 9 and 19-24 are considered special orders and therefore cannot be returned. If you need a size change or have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.


    RECYCLED STERLING SILVER: We are committed to being an ethical and sustainable brand. We believe that the only way to achieve this goal is using materials responsibly, which is why we have used recycled sterling silver in the making of this piece. This way, we avoid the use of new raw material.

    SOLID RECYCLED 9K GOLD: Like all the precious metals we use (with the exception of Fairmined gold), our 9k gold is recycled, reducing our impact on the environment and helping us build our brand in an ethical and more sustainable way.

    In 9k gold pieces, 37.5% of the metal is made up of fine gold. This proportion guarantees that the piece has the same durability as another made in 18k.

    LAB-GROWN DIAMONDS: Ethical and sustainable diamonds. They are produced with a technology that allows the creation of diamonds identical to mined ones (physically, chemically and optically) without resorting to mining. The only difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds lies in their origin. This option not only considerably reduces the impact on the environment, but also eliminates the risks traditionally associated with its extraction.

    The criteria for assessing the quality of lab-grown diamonds are the same as those used to assess mined diamonds, since both share identical qualities.

    All the diamonds we use to create our pieces are of excellent quality: F-G/VS

    You can find more information about the aforementioned criteria and the classification of diamonds in our 'Lab-grown diamonds guide'.

    Shippings and deliveries

    ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME FOR THIS PIECE: 7 working days. Please, contact us for urgent orders.

    - Peninsular Spain, the Balearic Islands and Portugal: FREE.

    - Rest of the EU: FREE for purchases over €170.

    - Rest of the world: FREE for purchases over €500.

    You can check which countries we ship to, as well as any other information about our shipping policy in the "Shipping and delivery" section in the footer.

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